Here's The Virtual Coach 90-Day Training Curriculum

The Virtual Coach System

The Virtual Coach gives you a comprehensive system to make you a high-value transformational coach, with a coaching practice that you truly LOVE.

If you’re just starting out, the Virtual Coach will give you everything you need to become a CERTIFIED VIRTUAL COACH and launch your coaching practice in just 90 days.

If you’re already a coach, the Virtual Coach can exponentially increase your coaching skills and show you how to build a powerful system for getting all the clients you want online.

The Virtual Coach System has 2 Main Sections, split into 7 Key Modules. When you link them all together, they work in perfect synergy to turn you into a high-value Virtual Coach, with real, paying clients and a lifestyle-focused business that has the power to transform the lives of people all over the world.

If you’ve always felt a special calling to help others, and you’ve always dreamed about doing the kind of work that makes a REAL difference in people’s lives... then now is the time to answer your calling, and make your dream a reality, by joining me in the Virtual Coach.

In the Virtual Coach, we’ll be helping you learn and install the 7 Key Parts of the Virtual Coach System over the next 90 days.

You’ll get new classes with me and my world class faculty of coaches every week, for the next 90 days. Some of the classes are live and some of the classes are available “on demand” through our member website.

If you can’t make it to a live class, no problem. All live classes are recorded in high-quality and quickly loaded into your member website - giving you 24/7 access to every Virtual Coach training.

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If you register for the Virtual Coach today, you now get lifetime access to the online class and member portal, as well as the option to invest only $197 per month for your tuition.

How Do You Become a World-Class, Life-Changing, Virtual Coach?

I’ve discovered that to become a world-class coach there are two distinct skill sets that you must master in order to be successful: how to deliver high-value coaching that people are willing to invest thousands of dollars per hour for; and where to find and how to attract those clients and build your coaching business.

The Virtual Coach System covers both of these essential skill sets, completely comprehensively so you have everything you need to become a successful coach, in one program.

PART 1: How To Deliver High-Value Coaching That’s Actually Worth The Thousands of Dollars Clients Will Invest

This is the most important part of The Virtual Coach Training and Certification Program. If your coaching sessions aren’t immensely valuable, the best sales and marketing advice in the world won’t work for you in the long term.

When you can change people’s lives and help them get results during your coaching sessions, you become a priceless asset to them.

This section of The Virtual Coach includes the following 4 modules:

Module 1:

Breakthrough Conversations

  • How to give someone a big breakthrough in their life with a simple conversation.
  • Dozens of models so you always have an impactful conversation ready for your clients - I’ll train you step-by-step in how to help your clients get incredible results in their lives - results they will thank you for again and again.
  • The groundbreaking “Next Level Coaching” model that will help you support any client through major, life-changing transitions and transformations.
  • My best coaching approaches, scripts, and frameworks so you’ll always know what to say to every client, in every situation, with complete confidence (You’ll never experience any ‘awkward silences’ or scramble to figure out where to go next in a coaching session).

Module 2:

Personal & Relationship Leadership Coaching

  • How to use the coaching skills you’re developing to impact co-workers, colleagues, team-mates and family members, to get the best out of them by transforming them into their best selves.
  • Why coaching that just focuses on goals and action steps often lacks depth, and how to introduce and install interpersonal leadership skills in your client, in a way that’s appropriate for their context (whether it’s parenting, marriage, or influencing the board of executives).
  • The Love-Dojo Method - how to help clients break through any conflicts or issues in their own relationships, in a way that actually makes the relationship better, stronger and closer than it was before the conflict occurred (this will absolutely be transformative for your own love life and the dynamics of your family… and your clients will thank you for teaching them this method, for years to come).
  • The new type of leader you become as a coach and the “Success Code” which will help you and your clients succeed and feel confident in every area of life - including health, wealth, and relationships.

Module 3:

The Inner Game Of Coaching

Even when you have the ability to transform your clients’ lives, you may still suffer from ‘imposter syndrome’... until you let go of your own insecurities, limiting beliefs, issues, and inner-conflicts. In this module, you’ll discover…

  • Exactly how to build unshakable confidence and high self esteem as a coach and feel deserving of all the success that comes your way, because you know that what you do makes a difference, and is valuable.
  • The Confidence Code: How to become so confident in your coaching ability that clients automatically believe in you and want to work with you… and how to create an abundance of confidence in every single client you work with. (We’re talking about real, natural confidence that can’t be ‘faked’).
  • Become the best coach you can be, by first learning the most powerful models for personal transformation.This ensures you know how to create transformation, success and confidence in yourself, and help clients do it too.

Module 4:

Visionary Coaching

  • How to help your clients develop a vision for their lives, light a fire inside of them and inspire them to become their best selves and transform their lives.
  • The blueprint for personal transformation to get to the next level in the six key areas of your life: purpose, mind, relationships, emotions, success, and health.
  • I’ll train you step-by-step in how to help your clients get incredible results in their lives - results they will thank you for again and again.
  • Watch people have breakthroughs LIVE as Annie and I coach them during our weekly classes and 1-day classes… then we un-pack exactly what made the inner-shifts and changes happen, so you can see exactly how easy it is to model extremely high-value.

PART 2: How To Attract & Sign Up High-End Coaching Clients

You could be the best coach in the world. But, if you don’t have any real clients who have invested in working with you, that skill will soon become rusty and over time you may even lose it. Like all skills, coaching must be practiced ‘in the field’ on a regular basis.

That’s why, in order to become certified in the Virtual Coach Method, you must also demonstrate your ability to understand, master and implement the following modules that can lead to a never-ending stream of clients for your coaching business.

This part of the The Virtual Coach includes the following modules:

Module 5:

Targeting Your Personal Coaching Niche

  • Discover how to create your own core competency & category that you can be first in, brand yourself, and how to even become "a little bit famous".
  • You’ll get my proven marketing templates, so all you have to do is fill in the blanks and instantly create niche-specific education based, ethical marketing that will serve your client and make them want to work with you.
  • Secrets of Six and Seven Figure Coaches - you’ll get coaching mentors, diverse in background and expertise, so you’ll be getting the inside scoop from different niches, from health, to relationships, spirituality, and business.

Module 6:

Branded Coaching Package Design

  • How to create a coaching package that clients want to buy for between $2k-$10k.
  • You’ll learn the all important skill of how to offer long-term coaching packages, so you can sign up a client for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or more.
  • How to name your coaching packages, which order to offer them in, and how to present in a way that’s clear, compelling and irresistible to a potential client - you’ll get live feedback on your own packages from me in real-time during our sessions.

Module 7:

Attract Coaching Clients

  • How to create your own “client invitation” that automatically attracts your ideal clients to you and leads to people contacting you to enquire about your coaching.
  • Ever get that sinking feeling in your gut towards the end of an ‘introductory’ coaching session, just before you tell them the price or ask them to sign up…? Never again. In this module, you’ll discover how to enroll clients on the spot in a way that feels smooth, comfortable and makes it virtually irresistible for them to hire you.
  • How to serve your clients even during an enrollment call, so they feel empowered, inspired and ready to take action with you.
  • You’ll learn the most popular places to find new clients online and how to position yourself so they come to you asking for help and asking how to work with you.

Bonus Module:

Social Media Mastery

  • Building your email list from Facebook: A new marketing technique that gets you connected with real people who want to work with you.
  • 5-minutes per day: Learn how to create massive engagement and lots of free traffic from social media to your website with a cutting-edge “5-minute a day” strategy.
  • You’ll learn the same system my friend Bret used to get over 2.4 million likes on his Facebook page (and turn many of them into paying clients!).

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The Virtual Coach Lifestyle

The Virtual Coach 90-Day training was created from the ground up to give you everything you need to create your “Dream Lifestyle” as you transform people’s lives as a coach.

What if you could learn how to split your day into these 2 parts…

1. Spend 2-4 hours of your day helping people from all over the world… making a real and lasting difference in their lives.

2. Spend the rest of your day enjoying your life and creating your “Dream Lifestyle”.

Check out these videos from some of my successful coaches explaining how becoming a Virtual Coach gave them the freedom, and the income, to create lifestyles that most people only dream about…

Sign Up Now And You Also Get These Bonuses…

BONUS #1: Tech Tool Trainings

Value: $1,997

The first bonus you are going to receive when you register for Virtual Coach is going to walk you through how to setup your online tools, so you can build a system that actually automates your entire business.

In the Tech Tool Trainings, we will walk you step-by-step, and click-by-click through how to set up and use the 12 most important technology tools online.

Each week, you’ll learn to use one tool, and in the process, you’ll build your complete online business system… even if you’re starting from scratch.

Here’s what you’ll learn how to do in these valuable classes…

  • Wordpress Website
  • Optin Incentives
  • Lead Funnels
  • Online Surveys
  • Analytics Essentials
  • Screencasting
  • Membership sites
  • Virtual Events
  • Social Media Presence
  • "Smart" Email Marketing
  • Shopping cart and affiliate program
  • Facebook Advertising Playbook

BONUS #2: Marketing Step-By-Step

Value: $997

Master marketing so you can get as many customers as you need for your business.

Everyone intuitively knows that marketing is the key business-building skill for new entrepreneurs.

When you finish this course, you’ll be able to create advertising, marketing, and follow-up systems that work far better than most people and businesses.

Plus you will develop a skill that is in high demand and will pay you for the rest of your life.

Inside of Marketing Step By Step, you’ll learn…

  • How to think like a customer in order to create marketing that attracts a flood of prospects who are already looking for YOUR exact product or service!
  • Why trying to copy the marketing techniques of successful companies is one of the BIGGEST mistakes you can make
  • How to tap into your customers’ emotional “hot buttons” to trigger buying behavior
  • Why customer “avatars” are the secret key to your marketing success and how to create one.
  • How to position your product so you have NO competition…while also making it the #1 product in its category
  • A proven, step-by-step system for getting traffic and leads, capturing prospects, and converting them to customers
  • How to dramatically increase sales by giving away something of real value…plus 4 things you can offer to customers for free that will get them to buy a lot more
  • How to write headlines and copy that really SELL, including all of my favorite headline and copy formulas and fill-in-the-blanks exercises to write great copy instantly
  • How to design simple web pages and marketing materials that boost your conversions

BONUS #3: Wake Up Productive

Value: $497

Wake Up Productive is a set of tools and habit-creation systems that I guarantee will double your productivity.

This training is easy to consume and highly effective…

If you’re going to build your coaching practice, you need more time to do it. And I’d like to give you that additional time, by making everything you do twice as productive.

Wake Up Productive is not based on outdated principles, hacks or methods. So, you don't require any type of agendas or planners or endless to-do lists.

Here’s what’s inside…

  • You're going to learn why most time management systems DON'T WORK long-term…
  • You're going to learn how to structure your time so you STOP getting interrupted and distracted…
  • You're going to learn the key reason why most people can't ever take control of their time, and how to overcome this obstacle for the long-term
  • Time Management is KEY to success in business and life, and this training is going to show you how to master it…
  • You're going to learn how to set up your day so that you AUTOMATICALLY do the important things - and AUTOMATICALLY avoid getting pulled away to do things that get you no results
  • Even though this program ISN’T ABOUT Information marketing or coaching, you just might wind up making more money from THIS training than any other... because it’s about doubling your PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY... WHATEVER you’re doing.

BONUS #4: Presentations That Pay

Value: $197

I’ve made literally hundreds of different types of presentations in my business - and over the years I’ve discovered the elements that really work to motivate people to make the investments in themselves.

Presentations are a special “intersection” right between marketing and sales - and they require a type of knowledge that isn’t available very commonly… to really nail them.

Presentations That Pay teaches you the mindsets, techniques and even the wordings and scripts that trigger people to buy.

You’ll learn:

  • How to quickly build rapport with the other person (or audience), so they have the same level of trust for you that they would with a friend...
  • How to make presentations that result in people buying from you - and paying you for what you’re offering...
  • How to avoid coming across like a manipulative salesperson - and instead, be seen as a valuable advisor and consultant...
  • An exact script to transition from “talking about” things to “closing the deal” and getting paid...

...and much more.
I teach this entire course myself, and it will give you the template for making a winning presentation immediately.

BONUS #5: Digital Product Marketing Library

Value: $24,000

If you’re building a coaching business, then you will quickly realize that you also want to take all of your knowledge and experience, along with the insights you’re gaining from leading your coaching sessions, and package it up in a course to offer to others.

There is a limit to how many people you can work with one-to-one and even in groups. If you love helping people, and supporting others as they develop and succeed in their lives, then this is a way to SUPER-CHARGE that power and serve many, many more people than you can possibly reach just through coaching.

This is the most logical next step to turn a coaching practice into a globally recognised brand, with passive income and raving fans of your work

I have built several companies now that package up knowledge, then offer it in the form of online courses, digital products, eBooks, seminars, and other types of training programs.

Aside from Coaching, this is my favorite business model, period. And it’s something that I can show you how to do with your knowledge.

And what’s great about creating a book, digital product or online course is that it “scales up” very easily. You don’t need more time, or more people to go and train each person individually, because the digital product can go and do the teaching for you.

Today, when you register for the Virtual Coach, I’m going to give you the ultimate system for creating a digital information product.

I call it my “Digital Product Marketing Library” - and that’s exactly what it is.

This is actually my system of training programs that will walk you step-by-step through how to identify the specific information you know that is most valuable to other people, then package it up in a course or product to sell online for high prices.

These five courses are all taught by me personally, along with some of the top marketing minds in the world - showing you how to create and sell your information product online.

You’ll learn:

  • The first course in this program is on how to identify what you know that’s super valuable - that people will pay the most to learn from you.

    It then walks you through how to “package” this knowledge and information, and create a high-value product that people want to buy.
  • The second course shows you how to design and create a site that sells your course, and that converts a high percentage of the people who visit you into students and buyers.

    When you understand the psychology of how people make buying choices, you can create something that works to get paying clients much better, and this course shows you exactly how to do it.
  • The third course teaches you how to get inside the mind of your ideal customer, and to create marketing that gets you lots of traffic.

    Once you have a course or product, you need customers and students, and this course shows you how to think like a marketer, and how to get lots of people to see your product.

    And this course will show you how to do this in a way that’s interesting, educational, and ethical.
  • Additionally, you get two more advanced courses on creating niche products and websites. One is my advanced course on creating a super-valuable product, and one is an advanced course on marketing psychology.

    Once you go through the first level training programs, these will help you launch your second product or continuity program, and create upsells and other high-profit marketing for your business.

Each of these courses is a “complete” course, each shot and edited professionally.

They contain the best training I know of in the world for designing a high-value digital product, and then getting people to seek you and to buy it from you.

It took me over two years to create and build this in-depth system for creating and launching your digital product or course online.

These courses were filmed at my high-end mastermind and training that was $24,000 to be a part of. And yes, the information is that valuable.

THIS IS MY BEST STUFF on creating digital products and doing online marketing. It will change the game for you when you go through it.

BONUS #6: One (1) Ticket To Virtual Coach LIVE

Value: $997

This is where you’ll get to spend 3 full days with me putting all the lessons you’ve learned in the 90-day Virtual Coach program, and tying it all together.

We’ll go in-depth through presentations and panels. You’ll learn from several 7 figure coaches about the most up to date coaching models, techniques, software, and more.

You’ll also have the opportunity to network with other coaches, across a variety of industries, as well as talk to vendors who can further assist your coaching business. This event is geared to both new and experienced coaches and will be a game-changer for you!

Here’s Everything You Get When You Register Today…

Virtual Coach Training & Certification


Tech Tools & Training

$1,997  BONUS

Marketing Step By Step

$997  BONUS

Wake Up Productive

$497  BONUS

Presentations That Pay

$197  BONUS

Digital Product Marketing Library

$24,000 Value BONUS

One (1) Ticket to Virtual Coach LIVE

$997  BONUS

Total Value


You Get Everything:
Only $1,997 or $197 x 12 Months

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When you choose to pay your Virtual Coach tuition in full, you will save $367 and you will also get one (1) additional ticket to attend the LIVE Virtual Coach event in Los Angeles next year (February 2020).

This is great because you’ll now have a total of TWO free tickets to the event. Bring your partner, spouse, friend, or anyone you think who can benefit from this top-notch coaching event.

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Build A Business You Love

I’m offering you these bonuses, because I want to inspire and motivate you to get started, and to do it - to take action.

The move right now is away from doing work that you don’t like, to doing work you really enjoy doing... work you were born to do.

In this program, I am going to help you build a business around work that you feel is your purpose and calling, so you can have a lot more joy in your life and “do well by doing good”.

These special bonuses are some of the very best tool that I can give you to get more clients, help more people, and create success in your life.

You get an extra ticket to the Virtual Coach Live Event with a value of $997 when you use the 1 Pay Option:

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You’re Covered By My DOUBLE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I want you to feel safe and secure that if you complete the online classes and do the exercises with me, you’re going to be able to use what you learn to create a business you love.


You get my 14-day full money-back guarantee.

Take a full 14 days to “tour” the Virtual Coach program. If for any reason you aren’t thrilled with the caliber of training you’re receiving, no problem.

Just let my team know and you’ll receive a 100% refund of every penny paid. No questions asked.


You get my 90-day Money-back + $1,000 guarantee.

Go through the entire Virtual Coach program. Come to the LIVE event.

If it’s not what you expected, for any reason, bring me your completed exercises, hand them to me, and I’ll give you a full 100% refund - PLUS I’ll give you $1,000 in cash for wasting your time.

I want to make this no-risk for you. Worst case, you get all your money back plus $1,000 for your trouble.

Why would I offer a guarantee this strong, and let you go through the entire program at my risk?

These days, the tools and templates available make it easy to find clients online and start a coaching business. If you participate fully in the Virtual Coach and you don’t get the results you want, then I believe it’s not your fault, and you deserve your money back.

I can’t think of a more fair and reasonable offer than that.

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Success Stories

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As I mentioned in the video, with our DOUBLE 90-Day 100% Risk-Free Guarantee, you don’t need to fully commit to the Virtual Coach until you’ve completed the entire program... so click below and register now!

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“Virtual Coach is giving me the confidence, the knowledge, the experience and the structures with which to manifest a whole new reality for myself and my circle of influence … ”

— David A.

“[Thanks to Virtual Coach] I can feel how straightforward and inevitable success will be for me as I set out on my coaching career.

The concepts behind coaching are beautifully laid out and described, as well as a sound practical structure to follow for getting through life transitions and achieving transformation (for myself and for clients).

The tools I've learned about so far will be not only useful, but will give me confidence that I won't "get stuck" or freeze up when I begin working with clients for real.”

— Sarah P.

“For so long I've wanted to help people in a big way, to make a difference. But I've been living in the dead space between fear and overwhelm, suffering from a lack of confidence and self-esteem ...

Then somewhere inside [Virtual Coach], I found my purpose.

Now I'm launching the business of my dreams - to share this life-changing information with as many people as possible! Because I'm equipped with these tools of transformation, and because I can literally FEEL the change inside my own body, heart, and mind, I'm moving forward with courage and confidence.”

— Barbara R.

“Since joining Virtual Coach, I've started, narrowed my niche, and am now making some money online ...

— Matt S.

“It is not an understatement to say that from a behavioral and mindset standpoint, Eben has changed my life.”

— Steve D.

”Eben, you've been the most influential figure for me during the last decade -bar none.

… I work now as a life coach and as a business consultant, and wouldn't be here without your example ... and remarkable content.”

— Omar R.

“I can safely say that you've helped me launch the life and business that will take me wherever I want to go …

Thank you! You've given me the tools I needed to change my life forever.”

— Chen L.

“Eben, you're a rock star to me …

Thanks to you I have an education that will last a lifetime and will undoubtedly help many of my clients in the years to come.”

— Ken H.

“Today I make a full time income working from home helping coaches & experts turn their expertise into a big ticket group coaching programs.


If you're reading this Eben, thank you.

I highly doubt I'd be doing what I'm doing at the level I'm doing and experiencing the freedom I do if it hadn't been for you embarking on your own journey and sharing.

Thank you.“

— Tony T.

“Your courses have definitely helped my business to at least quadruple itself, but better yet, they served as the basis for creating a whole new system which teaches my clients how to not only effectively sell to their clients, but to actually create a long lasting relationship based on caring.

You are indeed a big inspiration.

Please keep on the good job.”

— Ariel A.

“I am an Italian based (Milano) teacher and coach ...

Thank you for caring about your customers.”

— Mitzi V.

“[Eben], you have literally changed my life in many ways …

Thanks and take care...

— Agustín C.

“Everyday I use your concepts to help me teach others how to improve their lives as well as my own.

Your programs require high-level thinking, are very in depth, and requires me to listen to your material over and over again. Each time I gain new knowledge and insights that I didn't understand before. Each time I grow as a person. I'm sure you've helped millions of people with your material. It's just that good.”

— Michael W.

“Hi Eben!

My life has been TOTALLY TRANSFORMED, and you were a HUGE part of that.”

— DJ Nicke

“Thank you for starting me on this wonderful journey.”

— Julian

“... after having used many of the elements of your program, I find it very inspiring, rewarding and emotionally uplifting. It inspires me to think that I can make it and I can enjoy myself on the way of getting there, while contributing immense value to the lives of the gentle people, that I mostly encounter here in Poland.

Thank you for the value that you share.”

— Tomasz W.