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Here's The Virtual Coach 90-Day Training Curriculum

The Virtual Coach gives you a comprehensive system to become a high-value, transformational coach. We help you build a coaching practice that inspires you.

If you’re just starting out, the Virtual Coach supplies everything you need to become a CERTIFIED VIRTUAL COACH and launch your coaching practice in just 90 days.

If you’re already a coach, this program will dramatically upgrade your coaching skills and confidence, while helping you build a system to attract new clients.

All-New Live Online Interactive Class Format

This program has been totally redesigned for 2020. Our motto at Virtual Coach is “Coach Everyday.” If you want to master any artform, you need practice. This gives you the iterative feedback to improve & hone your skills.

We’ve discovered that coaches need a safe, loving container to practice their skills and be supported as they try out new tools. That’s why we’ve recreated our program anew with LIVE sessions where you can ask us questions directly and get real time support whenever you need extra help.

Experience & Practice 25 Live Laser Coaching Sessions

The idea of “Laser Coaching” originated with Thomas Leonard - he’s considered the founder of the modern coaching movement.

“Laser coaching is defined as a specialized coaching technique...that promotes quick alignment, a rapid sense of relief, and a way of quickly unblocking someone...”

— Thomas Leonard

Laser coaching is a focussed session that handles a specific difficulty or builds a particular skill. In the Virtual Coach you receive 25 laser coaching sessions targeted to your unique situation. In those sessions you’ll gain new clarity, rise above your fears and see an opportunity to move forward with attuned support.

You’ll also practice 25 laser coaching sessions to develop the Virtual Coach methods, make them automatic and integrate them in your coaching style.

This model makes the Virtual Coach unique, and incredibly interactive.

The Virtual Coach System: When you link all the pieces of this program together, they work in perfect synergy to turn you into a high-value Virtual Coach -with real, paying clients and a lifestyle-focused business that can transform the lives of people all over the world.

If you have a special calling to help others, and you’ve always dreamed about doing work that makes a REAL difference... then now is the time to answer your calling and make your dream a reality, by joining us in the Virtual Coach.

You’ll be in classes with me, my wife Annie, and my world class faculty of coaches every week, for the next 90 days.

If you can’t make it to a live class, no worries. They all are recorded and loaded into your member website - giving you 24/7 access to every training.

How Do You Become a World-Class Virtual Coach?

I’ve discovered that to become a world-class coach there are two distinct skills you must master in order to be successful:

  • Delivering high-value coaching for which people are willing to invest thousands of dollars per hour
  • Finding ways to attract those clients and build your coaching business

The Virtual Coach System covers both of these essential skill sets comprehensively, so you have everything you need to become a successful coach, in one program.

How To Deliver High-Value Coaching That’s Worth The Thousands of Dollars Clients Will Invest

This is the most important part of The Virtual Coach Training and Certification Program. If your coaching sessions aren’t immensely valuable, the best sales and marketing advice in the world won’t work for you in the long term.

When you can change people’s lives and help them get results during your coaching sessions, you become a priceless, coveted asset to them.

In the Virtual Coach modules, you’ll learn our advanced, powerful coaching methods that will get your clients excellent results in their lives and businesses.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the modules:

Module 1:

The Inner Game Of Coaching

  • Coaches who are “naturals” also suffer from normal fears of rejection, anxiety, shyness & “imposter syndrome”, you’ll transcend these with new emotional skills
  • You’ll learn to believe in yourself with a “confidence code” that translates your care for others into a commitment your clients will feel in their heart
  • “Coaching esteem” is key to success and the Virtual Coach will help you build the emotional courage and internal power to handle any client

Module 2:

Targeting Your Personal Coaching Niche

  • In the Virtual Coach, you’ll create a unique “category of one” where you become the first innovator in your own specific, targeted niche
  • This gives you a unique advantage as a coach, as it highlights you as special and makes you “a little bit famous” in the minds of your clients
  • You’ll also create valuable, targeted content and marketing that has you stand out to your ideal clients and grab attention in a noisy digital world

Module 3:

Branded Coaching Package Design

  • You’ll design and market a high-value coaching package that you’re proud of, to offer your clients ranging between $2k and $10k or more
  • You’ll create complelling coaching packages that are 3 months, 6 months, 12 month, or more
  • You’ll name your coaching package with a benefit-oriented, branded name that increases perceived value and conveys professionalism

Module 4:

Attract Paying Coaching Clients

  • Design and create a “Client Invitation” that automatically attracts your ideal coaching client, and leads people to inquire about your coaching
  • You’ll practice a customized client enrollment script until it feels smooth, natural, and sounds irresistible to clients
  • Discover the best places online to find ideal coaching clients, then attract them towards their success with your branded packages

Module 5:

Breakthrough Conversations

  • Access our collection of conversational change and transformation frames curated over 40 years of studying success and high performance
  • Dozens of tools and models explained and demonstrated, so you see them in action and learn how to help your clients cope with any situation
  • You will practice these tools to help your clients and all the people you care about make huge leaps forward

Module 6:

Social Media Mastery

  • Build your coaching audience and email list - you’ll get connected to the people online who are ready to work with you as a coach
  • Learn to create massive engagement and attract clients using a simple “5 minute a day” method we developed
  • This system was used to get over 2.4 million likes on Facebook - which turned many of them into paying clients

How We’ll Spend The Next 90 Days Together

Here’s what we’ll cover in the Virtual Coach over the 3 months that we’ll be getting and giving coaching.

We’ll focus on building your confidence, supporting your getting new clients, and increasing your productivity.

We’ll focus on building credibility, by putting your 5-Star Coaching Session in place, practicing your “Client Conversation” and designing your Branded Results Package.

We’ll focus on getting more clients, by building your website and list-creating and launching your “Client Invitation,” then writing your email follow-up sequence to turn prospects into paying clients.

The Virtual Coach Training Is
“Better Than In-Person”

We have live classes literally every day for you to attend, including our live coaching gym sessions where you will be coached and practice coaching.

The Virtual Coach is about an hour per day of live class to attend, then one day per weekend as a “deep dive” into a training module.

When we saw what was happening this year in March, we realized that all training was going virtual, so we started teaching from our home video studio multiple times per week, and getting a feel for the new virtual learning environment. We’re pros with this technology.

As you’ll see, we’re authentic, loving teachers who are transparent about our real life. You’re also going to love learning with us because it’s super interactive and optimized for fun.

We have exciting “speed of implementation” contests (with prizes) where you'll see and hear your classmates as they take action and get results in their coaching practices.

Each day we have an early session or a later make-up broadcast, in case you can’t make the earlier one. Plus we record everything and put it in your member portal so you can always catch-up with any class you happen to miss.

We’ve found this virtual training format is actually better than being live, because you’re fully engaged in learning from the comfort of your own home... you can simply jump in for an hour, then go right back to your life.

“With the help of Virtual Coach I had eight brand new clients from August to October”

“There are courses that are ten times more expensive and not nearly as good as this. I almost feel like I’ve robbed Eben”

“Since I started Virtual Coach I’ve had 4x sales growth. I got busy in my business as soon as I started using the first few modules”

Your Virtual Coach Bonuses

Get these valuable bonuses when you register for the Virtual Coach today:

BONUS #1: Tech Tool Trainings

Value: $1,997

In the Tech Tool Trainings, we will walk you step-by-step, and click-by-click through how to set up and use the 12 most important technology tools online.

In each session, you’ll learn to use one tool, and in the process, you’ll build your complete online business system… even if you’re starting from scratch.

Here’s what you’ll learn how to do in these valuable classes...

BONUS #2: Marketing Step-By-Step

Value: $997

The condensed summary of 20 years of studying how to attract customers using advertising, branding, and other forms of marketing online.

Hour for hour, this is the most complete marketing course available, whether you’re new to marketing, or you want to take your marketing game to the next level.

When you finish this course, you’ll be able to create advertising, marketing, and follow-up systems that work far better than most.

You’ll feel more confident in your ability to “put yourself out there” into the world to attract clients to your coaching practice.

Plus you will develop a skill that is in high demand and will pay you for the rest of your life.

Inside Of Marketing Step By Step, You’ll Quickly Learn...

This course and curriculum was designed and developed after a career selling dozens of different products and services online, and investing millions of dollars testing and studying to learn exactly what works to attract clients. It’s the best program of its kind.

BONUS #3: Wake Up Productive

Value: $497

Wake Up Productive is a set of tools and habit-creation systems that you will use to literally double your productivity as a coach over the next 90 days.

If you’re going to build your coaching practice, you need more time to do it. And I’d like to give you that additional time, by making everything you do twice as productive.

This training is easy to learn and use, and it is highly effective.

Wake Up Productive is not based on outdated principles, hacks or methods. So, you don't require any type of agendas or planners or endless to-do lists.

Here’s What You’ll Learn...

BONUS #4: Presentations That Pay

Value: $197

I’ve made literally hundreds of different presentations in my business - and over the years I’ve discovered the elements that really work to motivate people to make the investments in themselves.

Presentations are a special “intersection” right between marketing and sales - and they require a type of knowledge that isn’t available very commonly… to really nail them.

Presentations That Pay teaches you the mindsets, techniques and even the wordings and scripts that make your coaching packages interesting and attractive to clients.

It shows you how to offer your coaching services for sale in a way that’s inviting, non-threatening, and easy to say “yes” to.

In Presentations That Pay You’ll Learn:

...and much more.
This program summarizes many years of studying the best consultative sales methods, presentation design, and marketing methods. It will help you make presentations that clients say “yes” to.

BONUS #5: Digital Product Marketing Library

Value: $24,000

If you’re building a coaching business, then you will quickly realize that you also want to take all of your knowledge and experience, along with the insights you’re gaining from leading your coaching sessions, and package it up in a course to offer to others.

There is a limit to how many people you can work with one-to-one and even in groups. If you love helping people, and supporting others as they develop and succeed in their lives, then this is a way to SUPER-CHARGE that power and serve many, many more people than you can possibly reach just through coaching.

This is the most logical next step to turn a coaching practice into a globally recognised brand, with passive income and raving fans of your work.

I have built several companies now that package up knowledge, then offer it in the form of online courses, digital products, eBooks, seminars, and other types of training programs.

Aside from Coaching, this is my favorite business model, period. And it’s something that I can show you how to do with your knowledge.

And what’s great about creating a book, digital product or online course is that it “scales up” very easily. You don’t need more time, or more people to go and train each person individually, because the digital product can go and do the teaching for you.

Today, when you register for the Virtual Coach, I’m going to give you the ultimate system for creating a digital information product.

I call it my “Digital Product Marketing Library” - and that’s exactly what it is.

This is actually my system of training programs that will walk you step-by-step through how to identify the specific information you know that is most valuable to other people, then package it up in a course or product to sell online for high prices.

These five courses are all taught by me personally, along with some of the top marketing minds in the world - showing you how to create and sell your information product online.

You’ll learn:

Each of these courses is a “complete” course, each shot and edited professionally.

They contain the best training I know of in the world for designing a high-value digital product, and then getting people to seek you and to buy it from you.

It took me over two years to create and build this in-depth system for creating and launching your digital product or course online.

These courses were filmed at my high-end mastermind and training that was $24,000 to be a part of. And yes, the information is that valuable.

These are advanced courses on creating digital products and attracting students and clients online, and you get the entire program when you register for the Virtual Coach.

BONUS #6: One (1) Ticket To Virtual Coach LIVE

Value: $997

This is the culmination of the Virtual Coach program. It’s where all the pieces come together, and you graduate and go off to build your coaching practice!

You’ll spend 3 full days with us putting all the lessons you’ve learned in the 90-day Virtual Coach program, and tying it all together.

We’ll go in-depth with presentations and panels. You’ll learn from many successful coaches about the latest coaching models, techniques, and software.

This event is geared to both new and experienced coaches and will be a game-changer for you!

“So far I have a 50% closing rate with Eben’s sales script. I have a Harvard MBA, the quality of the content is more practical & applicable than what I’ve learned in business school”

“My revenue doubled; my profit went to 20x. When I learned the art of copywriting, everything changed for me”

“Annie and Eben are like contemporary philosophers. It’s so amazing to see these two collaborate and create magic together. I don’t have words to thank them enough”

Here’s Everything You Get When You Register Today…

Virtual Coach Training & Certification


Tech Tools & Training

$1,997  BONUS

Marketing Step By Step

$997  BONUS

Wake Up Productive

$497  BONUS

Presentations That Pay

$197  BONUS

Digital Product Marketing Library

$24,000 Value BONUS

One (1) Ticket to Virtual Coach LIVE

$997  BONUS

Total Value


You Get Everything:
Only $1,997 or $397 x 6 Months

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ONE (1) ADDITIONAL Ticket To Virtual Coach LIVE

When you choose to pay your Virtual Coach tuition in full, you will save $367 and you will also get one (1) additional ticket to attend the Global LIVE Virtual Coach event next year.

This is great because you’ll now have a total of TWO free tickets to the event. Bring your partner, spouse, friend, or anyone you think who can benefit from this extraordinary coaching event.

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Build A Business You Love

We’re offering you all these valuable bonuses, because we want to inspire and motivate you to get started, and have the knowledge to take action.

Move away from doing work you don’t like, and towards doing work you really enjoy... work you were born to do.

In this program, we are going to help you build a business around work that is your purpose and calling, so you can have more joy in your life and “do well by doing good”.

These special bonuses are some of the very best tools to get more clients, help more people, and create success in your life.

You get an extra ticket to the Virtual Coach Live Event with a value of $997 when you use the 1 Pay Option:

“I’m able to live the personal values of purpose, adventure and freedom. I can work anywhere, anytime and make a meaningful difference in people’s lives”

“This was exactly the thing I needed. By the end of three months, I’d transitioned into a full-time coaching lifestyle”

“This has helped me generate tens of millions of dollars before the age of 30. Virtual Coach has transformed my life, my customers’ lives & my family”

You Also Receive A
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We want you to feel safe and secure as you purchase Virtual Coach. When you complete our online classes and do the exercises, we want you to be able to use what you learn creating a business you love.

To help you make a confident decision, we have two guarantees for you.

Guarantee #1

You get a “14-Day Tour” that allows you to try the Virtual Coach for two weeks, then make your decision.

Take a full 14 days to “tour” the Virtual Coach program. If for any reason you aren’t thrilled with the caliber of training you’re receiving, no problem.

Just let my team know and you’ll receive a 100% refund. No questions asked.

Guarantee #2

You Get Our 90-Day “New Client Guarantee”

This allows you to attend the entire 90-Day Virtual Coach course, and use what you learn to grow your coaching practice

I guarantee you’ll get at least one new client and pay for your tuition, or you get 100% of your money back.

The one condition is that you send us your homework to show that you attended, and that you tried.

If you participate in the Virtual Coach and you don’t get the results you want, then we believe it’s not your fault, and you deserve your money back.

We offer you these guarantees so you can feel comfortable enrolling with us, knowing you’ll have a great experience and get triumphant results.

Now It’s Time To Join Us!

The Virtual Coach is the most transformational coach training you can take right now in 2021. It has been redesigned from the ground up for today, and will help you launch or build your coaching practice fast.

We want to invite you to make the decision to commit to yourself, commit to coaching, and commit to your future.

Register for the Virtual Coach now, and we’ll see you inside!

Success Stories

Sign Up Now — 100% Risk-Free

As I mentioned in the video, with our DOUBLE 90-Day 100% Risk-Free Guarantee, you don’t need to fully commit to the Virtual Coach until you’ve completed the entire program... so click below and register now!

“Virtual Coach is giving me the confidence, the knowledge, the experience and the structures with which to manifest a whole new reality for myself and my circle of influence … ”

— David A.

“[Thanks to Virtual Coach] I can feel how straightforward and inevitable success will be for me as I set out on my coaching career.

The concepts behind coaching are beautifully laid out and described, as well as a sound practical structure to follow for getting through life transitions and achieving transformation (for myself and for clients).

The tools I've learned about so far will be not only useful, but will give me confidence that I won't "get stuck" or freeze up when I begin working with clients for real.”

— Sarah P.

“For so long I've wanted to help people in a big way, to make a difference. But I've been living in the dead space between fear and overwhelm, suffering from a lack of confidence and self-esteem ...

Then somewhere inside [Virtual Coach], I found my purpose.

Now I'm launching the business of my dreams - to share this life-changing information with as many people as possible! Because I'm equipped with these tools of transformation, and because I can literally FEEL the change inside my own body, heart, and mind, I'm moving forward with courage and confidence.”

— Barbara R.

“Since joining Virtual Coach, I've started, narrowed my niche, and am now making some money online ...

— Matt S.

“It is not an understatement to say that from a behavioral and mindset standpoint, Eben has changed my life.”

— Steve D.

”Eben, you've been the most influential figure for me during the last decade -bar none.

… I work now as a life coach and as a business consultant, and wouldn't be here without your example ... and remarkable content.”

— Omar R.

“I can safely say that you've helped me launch the life and business that will take me wherever I want to go …

Thank you! You've given me the tools I needed to change my life forever.”

— Chen L.

“Eben, you're a rock star to me …

Thanks to you I have an education that will last a lifetime and will undoubtedly help many of my clients in the years to come.”

— Ken H.

“Today I make a full time income working from home helping coaches & experts turn their expertise into a big ticket group coaching programs.


If you're reading this Eben, thank you.

I highly doubt I'd be doing what I'm doing at the level I'm doing and experiencing the freedom I do if it hadn't been for you embarking on your own journey and sharing.

Thank you.“

— Tony T.

“Your courses have definitely helped my business to at least quadruple itself, but better yet, they served as the basis for creating a whole new system which teaches my clients how to not only effectively sell to their clients, but to actually create a long lasting relationship based on caring.

You are indeed a big inspiration.

Please keep on the good job.”

— Ariel A.

“I am an Italian based (Milano) teacher and coach ...

Thank you for caring about your customers.”

— Mitzi V.

“[Eben], you have literally changed my life in many ways …

Thanks and take care...

— Agustín C.

“Everyday I use your concepts to help me teach others how to improve their lives as well as my own.

Your programs require high-level thinking, are very in depth, and requires me to listen to your material over and over again. Each time I gain new knowledge and insights that I didn't understand before. Each time I grow as a person. I'm sure you've helped millions of people with your material. It's just that good.”

— Michael W.

“Hi Eben!

My life has been TOTALLY TRANSFORMED, and you were a HUGE part of that.”

— DJ Nicke

“Thank you for starting me on this wonderful journey.”

— Julian

“... after having used many of the elements of your program, I find it very inspiring, rewarding and emotionally uplifting. It inspires me to think that I can make it and I can enjoy myself on the way of getting there, while contributing immense value to the lives of the gentle people, that I mostly encounter here in Poland.

Thank you for the value that you share.”

— Tomasz W.